Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beware the Petsmart "Difficult" Dog Fee

There are two things that people regularly lie about.  Well, maybe there are three things, but there are two that I can write about here:  How long their commute is (everyone lies and says it's less time than it actually is), and how friendly their dog is (your dog will bite somebody some day, no matter how "friendly" you think he is.)

It's the latter that I want to touch on briefly, because if you underestimate your dog's friendliness quotient and bring him to Petsmart for a haircut, you may find a $6 "difficult" dog fee added on.  That's what happened to a the owner of a Yorkshire terrier puppy at a New Jersey Petsmart, as reported on The Consumerist. The dog's owner wrote, "When we brought him into Petsmart, my girlfriend gave a heads-up to the groomer folks that he may be difficult and is a little scared of hair clippers, and the groomer said that was fine and that they'd work with him. They mentioned that if he was too uncomfortable, they'd do some of the job today and finish the rest tomorrow....He was...apparently difficult to groom. The Petsmart groomer...tacked on an extra fee of $6 for him being difficult to groom. Prior to the grooming, and even with a fair warning from my girlfriend, we were never informed that we could be charged an extra fee if he was difficult."

So be forewarned:  Know Thy Dog.  Or it might cost you $6 extra.

You can read the entire Consumerist story here.

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