Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is it News? Bagel Manufacturers Sued Over Fraudulent "Everything Bagel"

The National Law Institute has sued the DC based American Bagel Association, over fraud in the "Everything Bagel."

"It's a sham," said Bernard I. Williams, president of the National Law Institute, and former counsel to the Senate Subcommittee on Postal Operations.  "So-called 'Everything Bagels' do not contain 'everything' and the bagel manufacturers can't be allowed to get away with deceiving consumers any longer."

The National Law Institute has filed a $55 million suit against four bagel manufacturers and the American Bagel Association.

"Not only do bagels not contain 'everything,'" Williams pointed out.  "But they don't even contain a lot of things.  There's no dill, no caraway seeds, and often no garlic.  You simply can't call that 'everything.'"

All fifty states and the District of Columbia have statutes against fraud, as does Federal law.

The National Law Institute is also considering an additional suit for false advertising.  "We'll see about that," Williams said.

Last year, under the Clean Air Act, the Institute won a $10 million judgment against diaper manufacturers for not containing the odor within their diapers.

The American Bagel Association issued a response to lawsuit.  Jennifer McAluff, a lawyer representing the Association and four bagel manufactures said, "We have not had the opportunity to review the documents.  But I'd say, off the cuff, that this is about as crazy a lawsuit as I've ever seen.  This is really a case of lawyers run amok.  There are obvious holes in their case."


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