Thursday, September 30, 2010

CSI in DC? Check Out These Crime Lab Workshops, Saturdays in October

By Lindsay Chastain

Like many people, I am a CSI addict - Vegas, New York, and Miami. The National Museum of Crime & Punishment (575 7th St, NW) is offering workshops on Saturdays throughout October on how to be a Crime Scene Investigator. Tutorials on blood spatter, DNA profiles, fraud, forgeries, fingerprints, and other such topics are available. The cost is $5-$7 with your purchase of a ticket to the museum. Could you be the next Horatio Cane or Mac?


Lindsay Chastain is the newest edition to All Life Is Local. She is a paralegal at an IP firm downtown DC and is working on her Master's of Criminal Justice through Boston University (distance learning program).  Lindsay reports on crime for All Life Is Local.

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