Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DDOT Considers Limiting Residential Parking to One Side of the Street

The weather and parking have much in common, but the main difference is that you can do something about parking. Sometimes. We learned from our companion listserv that DDOT is considering changes to the city's residential parking program. One of possible changes might be to limit parking to residents only on one side of the street. Here is the information that was posted today on the Cleveland Park Listserv by an ANC 3C Commissioner.
DDOT has undertaken a review of the citywide residential parking permit program. This includes the concept of resident-only parking on one side of the street. The expectation is that the review will not be completed until after the election and that a decision about implementing a pilot program specific to the area near the metro would not be made until after the new year. 
We'll update you on this when we have more information.

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