Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fenty Versus Gray Thoughts of the Day

Are you still undecided between Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray? Between now and the election we'll present occasional Fenty versus Gray thoughts to help you decide whom to vote for to be the next Mayor of the District of Columbia. These quotations come from various sources, including Twitter, neighborhood listservs and the campaigns themselves. As with all political pronouncements, how you evaluate these statements is up to you. You're welcome to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

For Fenty:

Four years ago, Adrian Fenty promised change. He has delivered for you and your neighbors by raising test scores, lowering crime and improving city services. Fenty is the competent leader we need to continue the progress. --Fenty campaign

Under Mayor Fenty's leadership, Chancellor Rhee has been able to turn DCPS around in three years; not the five-to-seven that she thought it would take when she signed on. --Neighborhood listserv

For Gray:

I'm willing to give Gray a chance. As I see it, the elementary schools relative success is an anomaly, the issues are really zoning, parking, crime, and the qualities that affect life beyond raising elementary school aged kids. --Neighborhood listserv

Vince not only championed K-12 school reform efforts on the Council, but also led the efforts to expand and improve pre-K. In just over 18 months, under his leadership, the District has added just under 2,000 slots and has nearly reached its goal of free, voluntary pre-k for all children, making it among the first states in the nation to achieve universal pre-k. --Gray campaign

1 comment:

  1. Why "give Gray a chance" when Fenty is doing a very hard job extremely well? This should not be a prize for popular newcomers, but a leadership job that builds on and rewards hard work and results we hadn't dared to wish for, in these recession times. --Nina Pillard