Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fenty Versus Gray Thoughts of the Day

Are you still undecided between Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray? Between now and the election we present occasional Fenty versus Gray thoughts to help you decide whom to vote for to be the next Mayor of the District of Columbia. These quotations come from various sources, including Twitter, neighborhood listservs, endorsements, articles, and the campaigns themselves. As with all political pronouncements, how you evaluate these statements is up to you. You're welcome to add your thoughts in the comments section below.  And if you still can't figure out whom to vote for, use our handy Fenty-Gray decider.

For Fenty: 

Gray getting real wonky. Fund balance has been mentioned dozens of times. Hitting Fenty hard on special education costs. -Twitter

Funny how last night Barry said Fenty governs by press conference, except Fenty's had what, one? Gray promises weekly press conferences! -Twitter

We have a partnership with him to put D.C. residents to work. Mayor Fenty is the only candidate in the race who is supporting jobs for the residents.  -Laborers Local 657 (construction workers union)

For Gray:

The @washingtonpost is in tank 4 Fenty because they covet his young, hip constituency. It's not editorial decisions it's just marketing. -Twitter

I liked Fenty at first - he was young, bright-thought he was really gonna make good on his words - another politician got caught up in that BS! -Twitter

The DC Chapter has endorsed Vincent Gray for Mayor in the DC Democratic Primary, citing his nearly perfect record on environmental...Gray has been an ardent supporter of the chapter’s 16-year campaign to prevent paving of Klingle Valley. In responding to the chapter political committee’s recent political questionnaire, he distinguished himself from Mayor Fenty in his commitment to oppose over-the-top development of Poplar Point, in Anacostia National Park.  -DC Chapter of the Sierra Club

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