Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Forecast: 95 F, But We Have Good News About That

That's right: 95 degrees. Maybe a few degrees cooler and some places and maybe a few degrees warmer in others.  That's hot for any day, but it's especially hot for the middle of September. Friday is not the day to show off your new, wool Armani suit. In case you're curious, we're only two days away from breaking the record for 90+ days: 67 in 1980, according to the Capital Weather Gang.

Besides using the heat as your excuse to eat lots of ice cream, you can also use Friday's searing temperatures to destroy any bedbugs that are inhabiting your sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, clothes or anything else, by putting that stuff in your car, rolling up the windows, and letting the heat work some wonders.

Of you could just mentally convert the temperature to celsius and imagine that it's a lot cooler.

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