Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good News: By the Time of the Colbert-Stewart Rallies the Rain Will Have Stopped

Tell your friends: By the time of the Colbert-Stewart dueling rallies on October 30th, the rain will have stopped.  Not only that, but if your friends are in New York City, the Huffington Post will be providing free bus transportation to and from the rally. (Or just one way if they fall in love with DC and want to stay.)

TBD reports that many area hotels are already booked up. Personally, we're expecting between 6 to 10 house guests that weekend.

Fingers are crossed for a sunny Halloween weekend. But between Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Arianna Huffington, they've got enough influence to ensure perfect weather.

And speaking of perfect weather, the rain will all be over by Friday. Between now and then watch out for flooding. The storm is going to bring a lot of rain. If you need it, the number to report an electrical outage to Pepco is 877-737-2662.

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