Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mixed Signals from School Crossing Guard

Noted:  A crossing guard in Northwest DC may not be paying close attention to the traffic he's directing. If a traffic situation doesn't look right, but somebody's directing you through it anyway --a crossing guard, a flagman, a police officer, Woody Allen (see the video below)-- don't go. Here's a firsthand report about that school crossing guard:
In the past two days, I've had two dangerous interactions with the "official" crossing guard/traffic assistant near Janney  School on Albemarle. Yesterday he was loudly directing a car to turn into the intersection despite the fact that there was a bicycle commuter in the road. The driver was waiting for the bicycle rider to pass but the guard was repeatedly whistling and waving him to proceed. Today my husband and I were in the crosswalk when he began waving cars through, despite the fact that we had a crossing signal. There seems to be something off about this person and he appears to be making things worse instead of better.
Scene from Woodey Allen's Bananas:

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