Monday, September 27, 2010

New Bra Doubles as Gas Mask

In the event of certain kinds of terrorist attacks, Washingtonians can now deploy the Emergency Bra to protect themselves. (Yes, this is for real.)

The Emergency Bra from quickly converts into two separate gas masks, so that you and your partner, or a stranger, can be safe. Here is how EBbra describes their life-saving product:.

The bra can reduce the health consequences of inhaling harmful airborne particles...For example, the recent dust storm in Sydney, Australia where the bra could have reduced the health consequences of inhalation harmful airborne particles. On September 11th, the mask could have helped reduce harmful airborne particle inhalation. Also, because the masks remain firmly fixed to the face, they would have also freed the wearers' hands, enabling them to use both of their hands to remove objects out of their way, hold rails while climbing stairs, and keep their balance while running. [The] devastating outcomes of events such as the E2 nightclub tragedy could have been significantly lowered.
This is the perfect piece of clothing for parents who worry about their daughter's safety. For airline travel, the Emergency Bra could save your life, because the smoke from an airline fire can be deadly. (I presume that the Emergency Bra won't have any trouble passing through airport security, but then again, who knows.)

Fashion and comfort were on the mind of the designer, Dr. Elena Bodnar, who describes the bra as "first and foremost a beautiful piece of lingerie." It's only available in red.

The $29.95 bra can be ordered directly from EBbra's website.  My only concern about this bra is that this will generate prank alerts, so that people can see how it works in action.

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