Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Fenty Supporters Voting for Republican David Hedgepeth for Ward 3 City Council

Some Ward 3 Democrats are so upset with Mary Cheh's endorsement of Vincent Gray for Mayor that they're supporting the Republican candidate for city council, David Hedgepeth, who has endorsed Adrian Fenty. While Hedgepth doesn't stand a chance of unseating the popular councilmenber in the general election in November, Democrats voting for Republicans in the District of Columbia is like dogs and cats mating: it never happens, it can't happen, it's against God's plan for it to happen. But it is happening. That's DC politics. Anything can happen, but what happens may not matter.


  1. It would be more accurate to describe Mary Cheh as "unopposed in the primary" rather than as popular. Indeed, she has some of the same characteristics that Fenty is described as having: arrogance, dismissive of others' opinions, condescending toward points of view that contradict her own, thin skin for criticism, and a general Mary-knows-best attitude.

  2. That doesn't at all describe the Mary Cheh I know. I think anyone who has ever had a constituent problem would take issue with the above description as well. Mary and her staff have always been so helpful and open, they listen carefully to people who describe a problem, and then do their best, not just to help that one individual, but to deal with any underlying flaws in the system that create the problem in the first place. If Mary's Republican opponent gets as much as 20 percent of the vote in November, I'll be very surprised!