Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomorrow on All Life Is Local: Outwitting Bedbugs

Bedbug toy by Jackie Gallagher
Coming tomorrow on All Life Is Local: Outwitting Bedbugs. Be sure to check this space for travel and returning-home-from-travel tips on dealing with bedbugs. The lovely hotel you stayed at over the holiday weekend may have given you extra company to bring home.

In the meanwhile, you can read our previous articles about bedbugs here and here.  

Bedbugs typically feed on human blood at night (though if hungry enough they'll eat any time of day.) Sleeping only during the daytime with your bedroom lights on full bright is certainly one creative way to thwart bedbugs. But then you'd also have to avoid offices, movie theaters and retail stores, where bedbugs also lurk. And probably airplane seats, too, until airlines start charging extra for bedbug-free seats. Oh no:  Did I just give the airlines an idea?

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