Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Washington Tweets: Special Fenty v. Gray Edition

This is a special edition of Washington Tweets.  Twitter is filled with opinion, facts, innuendo, speculation and hopes about the Mayor’s race in Washington, DC, and in this special edition, Washington Tweets shares some of the more opinionated and interesting tweets about Adrian Fenty versus Vincent Gray for Mayor.  Washington Tweets is posted on Mondays on All Life Is Local and the Cleveland Park Listserv. 

Fenty  is willing to make tough decisions because he cares about every single District resident’s quality of life.

If Vincent Gray calls my cell phone one more time ima vote for Fenty

Maybe my opinion would change if I followed District politics more closely, but dude, Mayor Fenty is hot.

its kinda like Fenty has a horrible past with D.C. but Gray looks like a shyster so I'm still on the fence til i  see a real debate

Fenty should be re-elected if only because of his part in turning around DC schools. He should be allowed to continue that work.

The Dominos "we learn from our mistakes" photo commercial remind me of Fenty's campaign spot. Which pizza chain is Gray?

I dreamt last night that Vincent Gray won the mayoral election. What a boring dream.

Some DC rapper showing some pro-Fenty love in the upcoming primaries

Losing Fenty and Rhee would be a disaster for the schools -- Gray is more committed to process and interest groups than reform.
I'd like to vote Fenty, but I'm concerned about all his partying at the Go-go.

I saw Vincent Gray in the Sunoco around the way. He bought Newport 100s, BBQ Sunflower seeds and lottery tix. He has a combo S & Jheri curl
Q's: Will folks who r so fed up w/Adrian Fenty get off their butts & VOTE? If defeated n the primary, will Fenty run as an independent?

Stop trying to act like Fenty didn't do ANYTHING though. Think about it.. DC's had worse.. *ahem* Marion Barry *cough* .

Vincent Gray The nice man, with no plan

DC's current political state is perplexing. Since when did pandering (#gray) matter more than results (#fenty)?

Vincent Gray says he'll invite any tea partiers he meets to ride Metro's green line and see the city's neighborhoods.

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