Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does Metro Care? One Metrobus Driver Says, "None of My Business"

This disturbing report about a metro bus passenger and a Metro bus driver was posted on the Brookland listserv. Maybe it's just an aberration. But let's hope that when Metro bus drivers are being trained about when to heed a passenger's plea to alert the police.

This occurred last Tuesday night, around 9:30 pm, while waiting for the H6 bus at the Brookland Station:

I called Metro Police around 9:30 while waiting for a bus at the Brookland Station, to report a man acting dangerously and scarily: He was urinating in the newspaper boxes, aggressively approaching people, throwing his things around. He didn't seem drunk but rather mentally disabled or on drugs. For a full 10 minutes, no police arrived so I approached the driver of the H6 bus and asked him if he could call someone. He said, "What's the problem?" I pointed out the man, and told him he was acting really aggressively, and he said to me, "He bothering you? What's your problem? He doesn't have a gun or nothing. Where you from? This is DC. Did he do anything to you? Then why do you care?" I said, "It was dark, on Metro grounds, the man was making older women waiting for their buses very nervous and clearly the cops should at least come by. Do you have a radio or anything to call this in? Do we have to wait until we are attacked by someone to express concern?" He just kept insulting me back, saying if I was so concerned I should get off the bus and wait for the cops and should just mind my own business,: and so on. In short, when I approached and asked the driver for assistance, I was given absolutely no regard whatsoever, and then was insulted. Is this how you expect your drivers to react to a rider's concerns?

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