Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning: The End of Kindergarten Art Projects

It will be warm and sunny today; the kind of day you might mistake for early September. Look for ample sunshine and a high of about 77 degrees. Not bad for a few days before Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, the forecast is still a happy one for this most important of all holidays. Sunshine and cool temperatures in the 60's are expected for Saturday and Sunday. And when you think about it, that's good: We don't want it to be too hot on Halloween, lest all that candy melt.

There are lots of things that are possible, some things that are impossible, and others that are unexpected good ideas. Or we hope that they are. In an environmentally friendly change, Dannon recently decided to stop putting lids on their yogurts. Other companies have made similar changes in their products.

Kimberly-Clark has gone the extra mile. The company is test marketing toilet paper without the interior roll. Tube-Free is how they're describing Scott Naturals toilet paper. It's great for the environment, I'm sure, but what about all those kindergarten art projects that rely on toilet paper tubes?

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