Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Morning: Wake Up and Smell the iPhones, Verizon Customers

The rumor mill is churning at full steam again: Verizon will be getting the iPhone in 2011. According to a usually reliable source, The Wall Street Journal, Apple is readying the iPhone for early next year. The uncharacteristic leak by Apple may be intentional, reports Techcrunch, because Apple wants to thwart the Android's momentum.

Verizon customers: Can you contain your excitement?  Maybe this tidbit will help you wait: A Zogby poll found twice as many iPhone users prefer the Tea Party than do Blackberry or Android users. I'm not sure why Tea Party supporters prefer iPhones, but I thought you should know.

74, 77, 74 are not good bowling scores, but they are the forecast temperatures for Friday to Sunday.  No rain, no clouds. Just clear skies. So whatever smartphone you have, enjoy it outdoors.

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