Friday, October 1, 2010

NW DC Power Outage Continues; 34th Street Closed in Cleveland Park

Truck carrying new power line poles for Newark Street
Update: 5:00am  Power was restored at 5am. There was a certain irony about working on a netbook using a cellular modem under candlelight. RCN Internet is still out in parts of NW DC, as of 10:00am Saturday.

Update: 5:50pm  The Cleveland Park power outage continues. A major north-south road, 34th Street, is closed between Macomb Street and Ordway Street, NW.

It was single tree that cut power to thousands. When this one tree fell onto a power line, it pulled on the power lines up and down Newark Street and a little beyond.

Pepco crews are working to restore power in the area.  Pepco has to replace not just the power lines, but the poles as well.  RCN Internet is also still out in the area.

34th St. closed in Cleveland Park

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