Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our First and Last Yogurt Review: Siggi's

Siggi's yogurt is here. Popular and with glowing reviews. It's said to be super healthy, thick and creamy, sweetened with agave, a cactus sugar, and strained. A typical Siggi's yogurt has 11 grams of sugar, compared with a more popular brand that might have 35 grams of sugar. High in protein and full of goodness, Siggi's has a devoted following.

Siggi's yogurts are available in a variety of flavors. including pomegranate and passion fruit, grapefruit, blueberry, acai (not really sure what that one is, but be my guest and Google it), vanilla, and plain.

And Siggi's has the most devoted fans. One Yelp reviewer wrote, "I recently tried this yogurt and wow is it amazing!"

The only problem is that I couldn't finish a container of the blueberry one. I tried. I really did. Then I let my 17-year-old daughter, have a go with the pomegranate and passion fruit flavor. As she put a spoonful in her mouth I saw an expression that I'd only seen on her once before when my wife and I declared unequivocally that we would not be getting a cat. I asked her what the matter with Siggi's was and she said, "It tastes like cloth."

There you have it. Yogurt mixed with cloth.  And if you could liquefy cloth, that's about the thickness of Siggi's yogurt.

I remember my early college days when I felt compelled to "develop a taste for beer," which I did by gradually increasing the dose. But I'm not sure that I could do that with Siggi's. If Stephen King were a chef, this is the yogurt he would make.

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