Monday, October 25, 2010

Possible Gunshots in Brookland Sunday Night

Photo by Brian Bennett
There were reports of possible gunshots in the Brookland neighborhood Sunday night, via the Brookland listserv. We'll post updated information when we have it.
Just heard what sounded like 8-12 gunshots at about 9:28pm. Hard to tell exact location, as I was hearing it through a window on the alley, but possibly around the Taft Playground area. Sounded like 2-3 initial reports, followed by 5-10 more in quick succession, and all sounded like they were coming from the same weapon, if it was indeed gunshots.
I heard it as well, although I wasn't sure if they were really gunshots. I also heard a car driving away pretty fast afterwards. It sounded like the alley between Newton and Otis or the Taft playground area. No sounds of sirens yet.

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