Friday, October 29, 2010

Vicious Dog Attack in Cleveland Park

A Cleveland Park resident's dog was attacked by a large dog recently. This isn't the first time that an dog has killed other animals in Cleveland Park. About three years two roaming dogs killed two very much adored neighborhood cats, Mud and Latte. Here is the report that appeared on the Cleveland Park Listserv. The dog that was responsible for this attack has not been identified.
My little dog recently was the victim of a vicious attack on 30th Street by a large dog let off its leash intentionally by its owners. The dog, unprovoked, ran across the street to attack and the owners did not intervene. My precious dog suffered a head injury and is undergoing a 45 day quarantine period because the dog's owners refused to provide any information about their dog's vaccination status. They showed no remorse, did not apologize, and refused to identify themselves. The dog looks like a German Shepard and/or Lab mix. 

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