Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wilson HIgh School's Future Shown in a 9-Minute Movie

Wilson High School is DC's best-performing regular high school. ("Regular" means it's not a specialized school in the arts or sciences, nor is it a public charter school.)  Wilson students are currently using classrooms at UDC while the 75-year-old school undergoes a total renovation of the old building and construction of several brand new state-of-art additions at a cost of $115 million.

This animated video is the designers' vision of what it will be like when it's done, complete with cleancut animated students enthusiastically rushing to class through pristine, uncrowded halls. All set to classical music. Enjoy this 9 minute and 45 second movie.

Want to watch the real time construction in progress? Not sure why you would, but if you do, you can make use of the three web cams that monitor the work. Just click on this link, enter "guest" as the user name, leave the password field blank, and click on "login."

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  1. The Wilson modernization project looks like it will be really something -- a truly great community school. We're very lucky that this started under Fenty, Michelle Rhee and Allen Lew. Ditto for smaller projects like the Janney school expansion and even the John Eaton playground redo, although it's too bad that needed updating inside Eaton isn't in the pipeline. There's no way that Marion Barry and the grievance crowd that exacted "payback" in the recent mayoral primary will accept these types of projects in Ward 3 for a very long time.