Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Morning: Get Used to the Word "Cooler"

Cooler. And cooler. Get used to it. Not only that, but soon you'll be feeling nostalgic about the world cooler, when weather forecasters start using the word cold. It's November, and November brings not just turkeys, but brisk northerly winds. After dropping down to the mid-30's overnight, today's temperature won't get higher than the lower 50's.

Nobody probably needs reminding, but here's a reminder anyway: Turn your clocks back an hour sometime between now and Sunday morning. The official witching hour is Sunday at 2am, but it's really okay to do it anytime on Saturday or Sunday, just as long as you tell everyone else in your household what you've done, lest they get to where they need to be an hour early. Or an hour late. Or whatever. This twice-a-year time change thing is too confusing!

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