Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recommended: Critter Control

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We hired Critter Control on October 27 to determine why a woodpecker recently created six-inch long holes in the wood eaves under our roof in both the front and back of our English Tudor-style house, built in 1906.  George Rambo, Ph.D., the owner of the local Critter Control franchise, was very responsive and came out within a day or two of my initial phone call.  He was extremely knowledgeable and told us that he should return in March to spray underneath the roof on all four sides of the house for carpenter bees (for which the woodpecker was searching).  He charges $200 for the initial inspection, which is applied towards the subsequent spraying fee if you hire his company to do the work.  George waived the fee for us last week, though, because I agreed to hire him in March 2011.  He also mentioned that he should spray the base of our house (outside) for carpenter ants.

I trust his judgment and recommend him highly.  His office phone in Herndon is 703-709-8727, and his cell phone is 703-881-1300.  His email is george at crittercontrolnova dot com).  George is very nice, too! In addition, he is a respected expert in his field and sometimes testifies in court as an expert witness in pest control cases. 

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