Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recommended: Urgent Care Clinic

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I decided this morning I should see a doctor for my cough and cold to make sure the cough was just a cough.  The idea of having to go out to Virginia to see the doctor bummed me out.  I decided to check to see if that quick clinic at Porter and Connecticut had opened, http://dcimmediatecare.com. To my delight, they take my insurance (BCBS PPO).
I walked in a bit after 8 this morning to find a very nice, modern waiting area. One of the directors greeted me and walked me through the paperless check-in. Because it was early I was whisked back to see the doctor within minutes of finishing the paperwork.  The doctor took time to ask me all sorts of questions about my history before examining me.  His exam was more thorough than I expected and we discussed my symptoms thoroughly.  He assured me that I had made the right decision to get the cough examined because it was not just a cough.
All told, I am thrilled that DC Immediate Care has opened.  It will be an amazing resource for the community.

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