Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Morning: Texting and Driving Part 1

Today will be your typical wintry day: cold (a high of 38) and windy (or blustery, if you prefer). The 17 mile an hour wind will make it feel more like 26 degrees on exposed flesh.

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous, very dangerous. But so many of us do it -- except for people who have been injured or have injured or killed somebody else while texting and driving. (There are other dangerous things you can do while driving, too, of course, but texting is both a relatively new and especially dangerous thing to do while you're driving.)  Sometimes a reminder of how dangerous it is helps, because we think, "It will only take a sec for me to check this text." With that in mind, for the next several days, we'll be posting short videos about texting and driving, starting with this public service announcement produced in Wales.

1 comment:

  1. The only thing that bothers me about warnings concerning texting while driving is that talking on phones while driving gets forgotten about. I can't tell you how many close calls I have had in this area because people were driving while being distracted by a phone call.

    It isn't about having a hands free set or not.

    It is about taking your attention off the road and giving it to your conversation.

    I will not talk to friends on the phone if they are driving.

    After drunk driving, distracted attention is the number one cause of accidents.

    Don't kid yourselves about cell phone use. Every time you get on the phone while driving you are risking your life, your health and someone else's.