Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Catch a Cellphone Thief: A True Story

A couple of months ago I wrote about how to use a smartphone's technology to track and catch an iPhone (or other smartphone) thief. It's a simple and either free of very low-cost solution: Get an app for your smartphone that lets you track it. Apple recently made this feature free for all iPhone users.

And guess what's happening? Stolen smartphones are being recovered and crooks captured. A carjacker in New Jersey was caught by the police in just 7 minutes last week because the car's owner had left his Droid phone in his car. Moments after his car was stolen, the victim went to his laptop, went to the password-protected website through which he could track his phone, called the police and gave the police the precise location where they could find the armed carjacker.

Everyone who has a smartphone should get a tracking app and deploy it. Be sure to note your tracking app's logon information, including the website you need to go to, username and password. Smartphone thefts are on the upswing and this is a great way to capture the bad guys.

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