Monday, December 6, 2010

Photo Question and Answer

A question came about the Cleveland Park Listserv's iconic photo: "I’ve seen the impressive iconic photo a few times and have wondered each time, "s 1/34 second a real choice for the shutter speed" of the new digital cameras? 

The answer is that this Fuji camera was designed to take low light photo with minimal noise. The camera, which is no longer made, shot photos up to 3200 ISO. Not bad for a hand held cameras.  The Cleveland Park Metro canopy was illuminated by the neon from a nearby Thai restaurant, Sala Thai.

You can also view this photograph on the Cleveland Park Listserv's home page, where it has greeted visitors since 2006. The Cleveland Park Listserv, the largest neighborhood email list in the United States, with over 10,000 members, was founded in 1999.

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