Sunday, December 5, 2010

Solution: How to Choose Your Next Computer

It's not just that computers are expensive, it's that the choice we make when buying a new computer rules our life for the next few years. Laptop, netbook, desktop, Mac, PC, integrated video card, liquid cooled, battery life, number of USB ports, screen size, weight, gaming capable...the list goes on. There are so many options and configurations when it comes to choosing a new computer, that you need a computer to help you sort it all out. And somebody's done just that.

Sales Clark is an artificial intelligence service that analyzes and thinks about your needs (and budget) and shows you a list of potential purchases, based on what you tell it. It's very cool, very efficient, and extremely insightful. Give Sales Clark a whirl the next time you --or a friend or family member-- is hunting for a new computer.

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