Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Morning: DC Will Lose Its Vote in Congress Today

After dipping down into the 20's overnight, today's high will be in the lower 40's -- at best. While there will be ample sunshine, the 10 mile per hour wind from the northwest (gusting to 18 mph) will make it feel like the upper 30's. So bundle up. It's January.

Rumors of snow on Thursday are floating around. But if we get any snow it won't be much. I promise! DC never gets much snow, right? But if when there's a significant snowstorm again in DC, you'd better shovel in front of your home or business: A bill cosponsored by Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Tommy Wells, would make the fine for not shoveling $20 for homeowners and $250 for businesses, according to TBD.

Tomorrow when the 112th Congress convenes with a Republican majority, Delegate Elearnor Holmes Norton will lose her vote in the Committee of the Whole, DCist reports. What little representation we had in Congress will be gone. As citizens, District of Columbia residents pay taxes, fight in wars, are subject to Federal law, but we have no say in how the laws that govern us are made. DC Vote has organized an effort to help us retain this smidgen of representation.

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