Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Morning: How Do You Feel About CVS' Automated Checkout Machines?

Ugh. Back to work. Monday's are hard days to get motivated, but I think that the first Monday after New Year's is especially hard. And it has nothing to do with the Mexican food, tequila, and champagne that I had on Friday night. I'm over that. I think.

If you're feeling moody this morning, visit MoodTurn, a website that lets you select background sounds and ambient music to suit the mood you're in.

Despite its being January, you might want to put on a pair of sunglasses: Bright sunshine is in store. And cooler temps, too: Expect a high of about 42 degrees. Our next chance of precipitation is on Thursday -- and it looks like rain.

Have you encountered CVS's automated checkout machines? If so you're welcome to vote in our poll: Do you like them or hate them? We'll be publishing a feature article about these automated checkout machines later this morning.


  1. I see automated checkout machines as being anti-customer. Here was something the business used to do for us and that we now have to do ourselves. I like these things even less since they take away jobs from demographics that don't have many other options.

  2. I'm amazed that there's even a question!

    The first time I laid eyes on these machines was late at night (at the 24-hour Tenley store) when I just needed to run in and get some medicine for my son. When I entered the store, there were five people in line, while the one checkout person behind the counter was in protracted discussions with an elderly couple about their coupons. By the time I got what I needed, the line had grown to seven and the discussions showed no signs of wrapping up. It was then that I saw the new self-checkout machines: I bolted out of line, scanned and paid for my purchase, and left - with the coupon negotiations at the counter still in full force.

    I don't know what it is about CVS that has always made the process of paying for something so excruciatingly slow, but I've often avoided shopping there because I didn't have the time or emotional stamina to deal with it. These machines will make a small but significant improvement in my day-to-day quality of life.