Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Neighborhood Impact of New Zoning Regulations: Thursday Forum

The Cleveland Park Citizens Association is sponsoring a forum, "Proposed New Zoning Laws -- Neighborhood Impacts."

The forum will be held at the Cleveland Park Library, 1st floor, this Thursday, January 20, at 7PM. All are welcome. (A business meeting for CPCA members will precede the forum at 6:30PM.) The library is at Connecticut Avenue and Macomb Street, NW

At this forum, you'll hear about the DC Office of Planning's rewriting of the DC zoning regulations in ways that could have significant impact on our neighborhoods.

According to the Cleveland Park Citizens Association:  "While the DC Comprehensive Plan adopted by the City Council four years ago emphasizes the preservation of neighborhoods, the new proposed zoning laws could allow commercial enterprises on our residential streets as a matter of right, including in homes. And they could allow agricultural uses as a matter of right as well."

At Thursday's forum Travis Parker, DC Zoning Review Manager, and Nancy MacWood, ANC3C09 Commissioner, will explain what is going on and will answer questions from the audience.

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