Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seven New Lion Cubs Are Out and About

Following the birth of seven cubs to two lionesses late in summer, the National Zoo now has a pride of ten lions. Now that the cubs are old enough, zookeepers have been allowing them outside where you can see them. The Zoo has this advice for your visit to the pride's enclosure:
The best time to view the cubs is between 12:30 -1:30 on sunny days when temperatures are above freezing, although some circumstances may require us to put them out and bring them in a little earlier. Also, be sure to check out the pride on our web cams. Cams are placed in the three indoors enclosures where the cubs spend most of their time. Sometimes the cubs are in one of the many other enclosures throughout the building and the cameras are turned off while we take care of the lion enclosures.
You can see pictures of all seven cubs, identified by name, on the Zoo's Lion Update: Cubs Get Names.

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