Monday, January 24, 2011

Washington Tweets

Washington tweets. A lot. The Washington Tweets column is a collection of the most interesting, recent Washington-area tweets. These tweets reveal a candid and fascinating portrait of what is on our collective minds: Twitter gives a snapshot of what we're doing, thinking and hoping for as a group. Washington Tweets is Washington in the raw. Bill Adler tweets at @billadler.

Well, your ugly-assed condos ruin my view on Rock Creek Pkwy. RT//Watergate Residents:Trees Ruin Our View

Ah, to be rich in DC, MT"@DCist_Updates: Watergate complaining about trees along the Potomac blocking their views

Wayyyy too cold DC, Florida tomorrow!

DC #Metro is crazy this morning...people trying to get out of the cold!

Good morning everyone! Ridiculously cold outside brrrrr. Now if only DC could get some snow in the next few days!

It's 18 degrees here in DC :(  It's so cold I'm afraid to start my day : /

I still have to say I'd take these cold temperatures over 90 degree DC Metro area summers - bring it on.

I hate how DC Police always drive w/ their siren lights on... I always feel like I'm in trouble when they drive behind me :/

DC Metro Long Exposure Photo:

I just ousted Mike M. as the mayor of Cleveland Park on @foursquare!

The diner in adams morgan let's gooo!

Just saw wildly unsafe situation at Dupont Circle Metro. Driver offloads train, backs into tunnel as next train announced #unsuckdcmetro

Dupont Circle Metro station has the scariest #escalators! So steep! #DC

2 awesome things. I now have 15 paintings done. And for DC folk, I got a parking space in Adams Morgan. Woot.

Guardian Angels on train patrol. We are @ Anacostia waiting to patrol the Green line

20 minutes to fail to get in to Brookland/CUA this AM. I *love* Roe v. Wade protest day+how #wmata fails to plan for it every year.

Let's see: part of the Beltway shut down, two subway lines backed up, there's a protest march today, and it's in the teens. Good Morning DC!

Do u know the ratio for men to women in DC? 1 to 21!! 2 bad they can't clone me ladies..

Someone call the DC police, lot's of drunk driving going on.

The cliffhanger in SALT reeks of rotten sequels to follow. Highly doubt anyone survives a jump into a freezing Potomac river from a chopper.

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