Saturday, January 15, 2011

What DC Historic Sites Need to Be Preserved? DCPL Wants to Know

The DC Preservation League (DCPL), the District of Columbia's only citywide nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the historic and built environment, is accepting nominations for its annual list of Most Endangered Places in Washington for 2011. 

This list, issued annually since 1996, has included historic buildings and places such as the west campus of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, McMillan Reservoir, Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library and the Joseph Taylor Arms Mansion (Chancery of the Democratic Republic of the Congo). The list of Most Endangered Places in Washington is chosen by the DCPL Board of Trustees based on nominations submitted by concerned individuals, communities and organizations. Nominations are assessed based on the severity of the threat to the resource in question, whether through demolition, neglect, or inappropriate alteration. The list can
include buildings, parks or other landscaped areas, or even vistas and other aspects of the city's unique planned history. All Most Endangered Places selected are located in the District of Columbia.

Detailed descriptions of each site listed in past years including information about the threats motivating their inclusion on these lists can be found on the DCPL website

Nomination form can be found at here and must be postmarked no later than Monday, February 21, 2011. Selections will be announced in May 2011.

Nominate your local treasure!


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