Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be on the Lookout for Suspicious Flatbed Truck Cruising Through Alleys in NW DC

Lt. Victor Braschnewitz of the Metropolitan Police Department, has posted this alert about a flatbed truck that could possibly be used to steal cars:
A citizen approached me this morning at 8:35 a.m. and reported he had, over the course of the last three days, noticed a flatbed truck in the area of 41st and Garrison Streets, NW. The flatbed truck was seen both this morning and Wednesday morning cruising through the alleys. The complete description of this vehicle is a large truck with a charcoal gray colored cab and an aluminum colored flatbed. The vehicle tag was not noted.

If anyone else notices this flatbed truck in their neighborhood, please call 911 and we will respond to investigate. It is not uncommon for some truck owner/drivers to use their vehicles to steal cars. Barring an obvious collision scenario, one should consider a truck cruising for cars as potential criminal activity afoot and one should not hesitate to call the MPD.

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