Monday, February 21, 2011

When Is a Car Theft Not a Car Theft?

This story of the not-really-stolen car, reported on the listserv of the Second District Police, may be of interest to anyone who has ever forgotten just where he or she parked.
The reported stolen automobile in the 4200 block of Jennifer Street was in fact not stolen, just misplaced. The complainant in this case reported she had parked her vehicle on Jenifer Street, and upon her return, the vehicle had been taken. Officers canvassed the immediate area around the offense and were unable to locate the vehicle. Subsequently, a report was generated documenting the offense.

A short time later, the reporting officer commenced patrolling his beat when he observed the complainant's vehicle parked in the 5300 block of 43rd St. The officer notified the complainant that he had located her vehicle. Once on the scene the complainant stated that this is where she originally parked her vehicle. She relayed she was never certain of where she parked her vehicle and may have confused Jennifer St. with 43rd Street.
Case closed.

--Lieutenant John M. Hedgecock
   Metropolitan Police Department
   Second District, Patrol Service Area 206

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