Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Hand Over Your Camera" Will Be a Phrase You No Longer Need to Fret About

We've all seen that movie scene where the bad guy makes the good guy hand over the camera that contains images of whatever nefarious activity the bad guy was engaged in.  And while it's illegal for anyone (police officer, security guard, even a TSA agent) to demand your camera, it happens. (Okay, it doesn't happen often, but let me enjoy writing this introduction to a great iPhone app.)

Now that we always have our cameras with us whenever we have our phones, it's good to have a way to back up and share our photos wirelessly from anywhere in the world.

There's a very handy app you can get for your iPhone, CameraSync, that will automatically upload every photo you take, seamlessly, effortlessly, and invisibly, to Dropbox or another online service, including iDisk, FTP server, Amazon S3 bucket, Flickr account or (I like Dropbox because it's: 1. dead simple to use; 2. free; 3. accessible from any computer or your smartphone from anywhere.)

Even if you're not worried about having your smartphone camera confiscated at the Libyan border, being able to share and secure your photos in the blink of an eye means that you'll never lose your precious photographs. So hop on over and get CameraSync for $1.99 and Dropbox (free.)

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