Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recommended: Boiler Installer

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Last week we installed a high energy efficiency gas boiler with associated hot water heater: Weil-McLain Ultra 230 High Efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler.  The cost for the two units plus installation and some odd-ends work was $12,500.  We ended up using MBS mechanical, and I liked the customer service from the owner and crew.  I went with them since they gave me a slightly better price, plus we already had a service contract with them.  Thus I felt that for accountability reasons it was better to have the same company install the unit (no possibility of the service company blaming problems on faulty installation "by the other guys") The hot water heater runs off the boiler adding to the overall energy efficiency.  The two units are a lot smaller than the old ones, so we regained a 7 by 7 foot storage room area. I was pleased with their work. Ask for Matt who is the owner, 301-680-8888.

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  1. Even as a installer It is always nice to read good info like this. This kind of info is what I can share with my customers to help them with a sale.