Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Share a Photo of Your Breakfast and Donate a Breakfast to a Needy Child

If you send a photograph of your breakfast, Kellogg will donate a breakfast to a child in need. There are several ways to share your breakfast: You can upload a photo of your breakfast, or if you don't have a photograph, you can simply describe your breakfast and Kellogg will make the donation. Alternately, you can text the word SHARE with a photo or a description of your breakfast to 21534.

Kellogg's goal is to donate one million breakfasts by the start of the 2011 school year.  According to Kellogg, one of four children live in homes where there is no regular breakfast available to them.

There's more information and you can view some photos that have been uploaded on Kellogg's Share Your Breakfast website.

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