Friday, April 8, 2011

District Residents Are Mere Political Pawns for the Republican House Majority

by Bill Adler

Earlier today I wrote about how the District of Columbia's citizens are being treated like pawns in the budget battle. And Republicans aren't even keeping it a secret that they regard us as second class citizens. No, make that third class.  For many in the Republican party, District residents exist to help achieve political goals.

Want proof? Here's what one Republican member of Congress from Texas, Blake Farenthold, told Talking Points Memo:  "As Republicans, we promised in the Pledge to America to cut $100 billion off of Obama's plan. If we're going to come back with less than that, we've got to come back with some policy riders to say look, I took less than $100 billion, but I've defunded Planned Parenthood or abortions in the District of Columbia."

If that gets you angry, it should.

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