Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Break-in Thwarted by Alert Neighbor in Bloomingdale

This report from a resident of the Bloomingdale neighborhood near Howard University was posted on the 5th District Metropolitan Police listserv on May 16:
I live on the corner of 1st and Adams. On the morning of the 15th, (Sunday) at approximately 3:30am, one of my neighbors was up and walking his dog (thank God and thank my neighbor). He sees a black male on the northeast corner of 1st and Adams who makes a high pitched whistling noise and then my neighbor turns the corner and looks up to see two or three black males in their twenties up on the fire escape of my home. He hears them asking each other "Do you see any TV's or computers we can take?" My neighbor then yells up to them, asking what they are doing up there. They immediately exit the fire escape and head east on Adams and turn north up the alley. The police were called and they canvassed the area looking for them but were unable to find them.
I am sending this note out so that everyone can be on the alert that the criminals are getting more brazen every day. They were attempting to get into my tenants' unit that is no less then thirty feet off the ground. My tenants were home asleep at the time of this incident. I can only think the only reason the burglars didn't attempt to come in my unit on the lower floor is because they saw the window contacts for the alarm system and the sign in the front yard for the alarm company. My tenants will have a brand new alarm system with monitoring installed today.

Everyone stay on your toes and keep a careful watch out for yourself and your neighbors.

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