Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Versus Winter

Highland Pl, NW House in summer and winter
There's no denying it: The weather in May has been glorious -- at least temperature-wise. But it won't last. I know that it's a downer to say so, but we all know it. It won't be long before melting season begins. Melting season is cruel and lasts months: June, July, August, and into September. Melting season is when you have to run home with your ice cream so that it doesn't melt, but in the process it's so hot and humid that you melt.

Sure, summer is beach season, Frisbee time. It's when you can enjoy outdoor barbecues, sailing, outdoor concerts, post-sunset strolls and kite flying. But it's also when mosquitoes invade, lawn mowers wake you up early on weekends, the humidity makes every day a bad hair day, and strong thunderstorms and hurricanes pass through town.

Winter is quiet and peaceful, especially after it snows. During winter we can sled, ski and have snowball fights. There are no spiders during winter. On the other hand, our toes and fingertips become quickly chilled, especially when we're using the touch screens of our smartphones. We have to spend a small fortune on moisturizing cream in the winter. Winter snows can make walking hard, and we have to shovel. Sigh.

Which do you prefer? Summer or winter? (Sorry, spring and autumn are not options. That would be too easy.) Vote in our poll: Summer Versus Winter.

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