Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're Giving Away a Kindle to the First Person to Guess When the Cleveland Park Listserv Reaches 11,111 Members

Sometime soon the Cleveland Park Listserv will reach the milestone of 11,111 members. We don't know exactly what day this will be, and we're having a contest about that. The listserv member who first guesses the day on which we get our 11,111th member will win a brand new Amazon Kindle.

Here is some data to go by to help you guess: The Cleveland Park Listserv, founded in 1999, grows at between 25 and 50 new members a week. We currently have 10,709 members. You can view the current number of members on our home page at www.cleveland-park.com. So, are you good at guessing? Feeling lucky? Like contests?

To enter our 11,111th Member Contest just send us your guess. The contest is open to all Cleveland Park Listserv members, and our contact information is on the Listserv. If you're not a member of the Cleveland Park Listserv, you can join by visiting www.cleveland-park.com or by sending an email to cleveland-park-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. There's no fee to join the Cleveland Park Listserv, and nothing to buy to enter the contest. The Cleveland Park Listserv is Washington, DC's largest and most vibrant neighborhood email list.

11,111 is a fun number and we want to celebrate. So guess away!

Bill Adler and Peggy Robin

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