Monday, June 13, 2011

The Case of the Bookcase in Burleith

Posted on the Burleith neighborhood listesrv. We felt compelled to share this report of a neighbor's antics:

Subject: Screw Loose Neighbor

I left my house yesteday and found an old bookcase just left by my front steps. Since I had to get to work, I placed it on the curb thinking I would deal with it later. I came home to find the same bookcase placed on my lawn with a note from my deranged neighber telling me I better take 'my crap' off the curb or else. I assumed it was he who placed it on my steps in the first place since he has angered many students in the area and probably they put the darn thing on his doorstep to bug him so he just dumps it on mine.

This morning, I wake up and open the door to find the same bookshelf right up to my door! with an even nastier note from my 'neighbor' threatening to call the police, DCRA, social services, etc. It would have taken this "man" less effort to put it in the trash in the first place but the anger, and he has shown repeated anger and rage to those around him, as well as the deranged threats was just too much. What has happened to our lovely and civil, laid back Burleith?

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