Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Connecticut Avenue Boulevard

The service lane on Connecticut Avenue between Macomb and Ordway Streets should be replaced with a wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalk.

Connecticut Avenue's west side is a pleasure to walk along, and has inviting outdoor cafés. The east side is crowded, cramped and pedestrian-unfriendly. Two people can barely walk abreast on the narrow sidewalk. The service lane is confusing and dangerous: The two intersections at Macomb and Ordway have some of the highest accident rates in the city. All because misguided urban planners decided in the 1960s to destroy a sidewalk to make a parking lot.

Fortunately, this is a mistake that can be fixed. Imagine what a beautiful and vibrant public space this could be, with room for walking, sidewalk cafés, shade trees, flowers, and benches.

Sign the petition now to ask our elected representatives to restore this vital piece of the Connecticut Avenue boulevard to its original state.

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