Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fabulous Food Find: Saigon Style Grilled Catfish at Nam Viet

Fabulous Food Finds: We're not reviewing restaurants -- there are lots of great sites for that. Fabulous Food Finds features tempting tasty morsels that we find in and around Washington, DC.

Today's fabulous food find: Saigon Style Grilled Catfish at Nam Viet in Cleveland Park. You'll find Nam Viet's catfish on both their lunch and dinner menus, and it's not to be missed. Sure, you could have any number of more traditional Vietnamese dishes at Nam Viet, but trust me, you want to experience that burst of flavor you get when take your first bite of this fish.

Fabulous Food Finds are written by Bill Adler, whom you can follow on Twitter @billadler.

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