Monday, June 6, 2011

First Rule of Online Life: Don't Sell Anything Illegal in a Public Forum Using Your Real Name

Photo from Wikicommons
If you're selling software that you've illegally copied, be sure not to use your real name and email address, or you might regret it. Especially because you can't withdraw your advertisement once it's out there. Here's the one-two punch (name and email address redacted) that was posted on a neighborhood email list in the District:

Thanks for your interest. I still have the software. It comes with the product key and all, made a copy yesterday from the original which almost costed me $499 in retail, I installed it in my other pc and worked perfectly fine. You can register and I can even show you the original box and license so you verify that it was made from the original. This is not a fake copy, demo or anything like it. When would you like to pick it up? I'm available before 12 pm today.

And then minutes later:

Could you please remove all emails that by accident were posted or published public. The subject was for microsoft office 2010 I put personal information that I don't feel comfortable sharing with the whole list. Thank you.

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