Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gmail Heaven (A Cool Extension for All Gmail Users)

I'm in love with Gmail all over again. Not because of an enhancement that Google has made, but because of the extension that makes Gmail just plain perfect. The extension is Boomerang and it does four things:

1. It temporary removes an email from your inbox and you can reschedule that email to return to your inbox at a later time or another day. If you subscribe to the zero inbox philosophy, or just want to cut down the number of messages in your inbox from 700 to a more manageable number

2. Boomerang lets you send an email at a later date. If you feel inspired to write an email, but don't want to send it quite yet, Boomerang adds that ability. Like Microsoft Outlook -- except using Gmail.

3. Boomerang will remind you about an email you sent if you don't receive a reply. You don't need to try to remember to follow up because Boomerang will do the remembering for you.

4. Boomerang automatically offers to remind you about a date-sensitive email. If you receive an email that says, "Meet me for coffee on Friday at 2pm," Boomerang's artificial intelligence will offer to remind you about that meeting several hours beforehand.

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