Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sex in Cars

Car for illustration purposes only
Anything can and will happen in Washington, DC. Witness this post on the Shepherd Park neighborhood listserv:
Neighbors, neighbors, neighbors. If this doesn't beat all!! As I was leaving my house about 10 minutes ago there was a couple in the car having sex. As I walked to my car I could see them but do you think they stopped...HECK NO. I no longer see her so I think maybe my eyes deceived me. I pull up SSLLOOWLLYY next to them and she's there alright just doing other things with her face!! I stop and stare. Immediately they pull off.  Are we now becoming a area of prostitution?!?? He was light skinned and she was a black woman. The car was a blue/black Galant MD tags [redacted]. Believe it or not he must have dropped her off quick because after I turned around, got the tag and called the police I proceeded up 16th and this same car came past me got in front of me and turned in the exxon at seminary.

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