Friday, June 10, 2011

Washington Tweets: Special Heatwave Edition

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Washington Tweets is usually published on Monday, but this is a special heatwave edition of Washington Tweets. (Sadly, we've already published heatwave editions this season. It's one of those summers. Or one of those centuries, as climate change is here to stay. Welcome August in June.) Why a special edition? Because we'll deploy any excuse to stay indoors in air conditioning.

Hey DC! we tied the record Thursday set in 1874 at 102ยบ

Maybe DC's Metro should change slogan from "Metro Opens Doors" to "Metro Opens Windows." No AC in subway cars I've traveled in recent HEAT.

Its impossible to be pretty in this heat.

A deadly heat wave continues to grip the Eastern U.S. National Mall in sweltering DC 7a-11a ET

Why, why, why are there leaf blowers on patrol subjecting lawns to superheated air on a super hot day? #leafblower #idiots #noise #DC

For the record, it's cooler in #SouthBeach than #DC. Temperature-wise as well.

Another scorcher in DC today... 95-100, let alone the heat index. Be productive outside now before it gets really bad.

Over 12 hours of over 90 degree temperature. Heatpocalypse DC

Code Orange day in DC/NoVA area... hot temps and crappy air quality... *sigh*

1 in 20 DC Metro cars are without A/C. Also, 1/20 chance that a clean-up crew is needed when I board

In DC for work and it is 99 and HOT here!!! I am 99.9% sure FL is colder...exhibit hall AC not working well - sweating in a suit SUCKS!!!

You know it's really hot out when ur sweating in ur house & the ac is on trying to keep up (but failing to do so). Welcome back, DC summer!

It's not even 8:30am and I'm already sweating my ass off, #dc summer I'm not ready

2 shower minimum today!

sweating in the oven that is summer in DC

DC heat advisory today. I'm looking forward to riding the saunas that are the metro cars.

Good morning folks! Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. You can practically TASTE the DC smog in the air. Gotta love it!

It's gonna be a scorcher in DC today. Stay inside, folks! Drink lots of water. If you're so hot you stop sweating, call 911.

Good day for DC tourists to visit museums. Heat advisory posted.

Alert DC email just encouraged me to "Take a ride on the metro or bus which are air conditioned". Let's hope you don't get a #wmata #hotcar.

#Teaism's water bottle refills were awesome while I walked aroundDC in the 100 degree heat yesterday - I sipped on 40 oz in 5 hours!

96 degrees and still climbing. Heat index throughout area ranges from 104 in DC to 110 in Fredericksburg VA. Stay In!

Goodbye Washington DC...thanks for the 100 degree weather the whole week

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